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PEMS on-board Analysers 


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Air pollution in megacities around the world is a reality that can not be denied. Automotive interiors have to protect users against pollution on road.

Because each city is different, our experts in pollutant measurement reproduce the most important element for you: well-being and satisfaction of your customers.


PEMS on-board Analysers

PEMS-LAB is a plug’n roll concept which is able to measure every pollutant specie emitted by engines in real driving conditions. This equipment allow you to conduct regulatory tests (RDE cycle) as well as measurements for engine development.

The onboard measurement technology evaluates all gases
and particulates emitted by engines thus allowing unlimited flexibility for projects!




Overrun prevention related to fine particles emission


Optimization of production facility maintenance


Specialists in environmental regulations


Aerosols toxicity Incubator

In vivo monitoring

Exposure to simple or complex aerosol emissions on laboratory animals

In vitro monitoring

Exposure to simple or complex aerosol emissions on lung tissues and / or cells

🇫🇷 Le CERTAM est un Centre Régional d’Innovation et de Transfert Technologique situé en Normandie. Depuis 1991, le CERTAM vous apporte des solutions dans les domaines de l’innovation et des essais moteur, de la qualité de l’air et de la caractérisation des émissions polluantes.

Nos mots d’ordre sont FlexibilitéAdaptabilité, Excellence et Réactivité.

🇬🇧 CERTAM is a regional innovation center of technological exchange located in Normandie. Since 1991, CERTAM has provided many solutions in the field of innovation, engine test benches, air quality and pollutant emissions characterisation.

Our watchwords are FlexibilityAdaptabilityExcellence and Quick Response.

02 35 64 37 00 — contact@certam-rouen.com