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Warning ! As the shades and colors of the tested fabrics and / or masks  can significantly influence the test results, it is mandatory to provide, in addition to the reference, the color / shade evaluated.

Breathability test only


Guaranteed Filtration & Breathability – disposable


Guaranteed Filtration & Breathability – 5 washes


Guaranteed Filtration & Breathability – 10 washes


Guaranteed Filtration & Breathability – 15 washes


Guaranteed Filtration & Breathability – 20 washes


Guaranteed Filtration & Breathability – 30 washes


Guaranteed Filtration & Breathability – 40 washes


Guaranteed Filtration & Breathability – 50 washes


A question ?

Find your answer in the following FAQ section

I want to obtain a quotation

To obtain a quote in pdf format for the standard services offered, add the various services desired to the cart, view your cart and select Get quote in PDF format.

What are the deadlines for obtaining results?

The deadlines for obtaining results vary from one request to another and are indicated in the product descriptions. As an indication, and depending on the number of requests, they are between 1 week (for a unit test) and 4 weeks (for 50 washes).

How many samples should I send?

The number of media or assemblies to send varies depending on the number of tests to be performed. There should be 4 samples per filtration / breathability test. This information is indicated on your order form and in the product description. The samples accompanied by the order form must be sent to:

Department Masques Grand Public
1 rue Joseph Fourier
76800 Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray

How to obtain the Guaranteed Filtration labels?

You will find all the useful information on the website of the “Direction Générale des Entreprises”: www.entreprises.gouv.fr/covid-19/liste-des-tests-masques-de-protection

I have ordered. What should I do now?

Print your Purchase Order and attach it to the samples to be tested. Finally, send everything by post to the following address:

Département Masques Grand Public
1 rue Joseph Fourier
76800 Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray

What is a reference?

It is a tissue (= media) or an assembly of several tissues (= mask). Each fabric or assembly must be identified by a name or number (= reference) which must be documented in the purchasing process. This reference is essential because it is used to establish the traceability of your sample.

What is a sample?

A sample is a reference piece.
In the case of a fabric, please provide a sample of 15cmx 15cm.
In the case of an assembly (mask), please provide your assembled product.

4 samples are needed per reference and per test ordered

I want to get a "Guaranteed Filtration - 30 washes" label but I am not sure of the test results. How to perform tests after 10 and 20 washes for the same reference?

If you are not sure of the performance of your reference, you have the possibility for each type of label considered to order intermediate samples during the washing cycles to carry out filtration / breathability tests. In this example, order the product “Filtration guaranteed – 30 washes” and optionally indicate 2 intermediate tests to be carried out after 10 and 20 washes. Plan to provide 4 additional samples of your reference per intermediate test ordered.

I have my test results, what next?

All the information you need to pursue your certification request can be found on the DGE website:
You will find the test results database, the official logos in different formats, the procedure to be included in the list of companies likely to supply masks for the general public. It’s up to you!

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🇬🇧 CERTAM is a regional innovation center of technological exchange located in Normandie. Since 1991, CERTAM has provided many solutions in the field of innovation, engine test benches, air quality and pollutant emissions characterisation.

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