Measurements for industrial emissions

In a few words

Ciment and glass factories, but also wastes incinerators are involved in the air pollution issue. Suspended particulates pollution, expecially fine particles, have some negative health impacts, above all on cardiovascular and breathing systems.

There is a need to improve particles emissions measurements on smokestacks, by making real-time analysis, to prevent exceedances of ambient air quality objectives.



The small equipment can be easily set up on the top of smokestacks. Thanks to its high degree of reliability, PPS Stack requires very little maintenance. Most of all, the technology provides some unequalled measurement abilities : a very fast response time (0,1 second / 10 Hz), an analysis of every particle size (from 10 μg/m3 to 500 μg/m3) whatever the temperature (up to 800°C), the pressure or humidity. 

This new particles measurement system allow you to anticipate every emission drift thanks to an upstream intervention. It is a real asset for industries in order to improve maintenance of production equipments and reduce costs.

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🇬🇧 CERTAM is a regional innovation center of technological exchange located in Normandie. Since 1991, CERTAM has provided many solutions in the field of innovation, engine test benches, air quality and pollutant emissions characterisation.

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